The Hope for Rapid City

Rapid City is home to an array of industries, which makes it an incredible place for businesses to thrive. From tourism and restaurants, to manufacturing and production, and technology and research – we have a lot to offer entrepreneurs here.

Leadership through the Economic Development Foundation Board backs Ascent Innovation, along with Elevate Rapid City. Together - we are setting our community up with a positive impact ahead. Our mission is close to our core: to provide new and existing small businesses with management assistance, cost effective space, and a nurturing, professional environment. Not only does that contribute to general economic health of the region, but provides new and increased job opportunities, and adds to the services available in Rapid City.

“Ascent Innovation is more than a space to work,” said Executive Director Terri Haverly. “It’s an invitation to join a community dedicated to bringing their ideas to life in Rapid City.”

Pioneers in pursuit of possibility founded Rapid City. Founded in 1876 by a group of miners, a small group of men promoted their city as the “Gateway to the Black Hills.” In the early 1900s, city officials envisioned the city as a trade center for the region and designed a plan for growth. Today, a century later, this still remains a pulse in our entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“Ascent Innovation declares our desire to serve as a hub of innovation, technology, and talent,” said City Councilman Jason Salamun. “Rapid City has a long history of being a remarkable place to start and grow a business. We should embrace this story and tell it loudly, creatively, and often!”

Here we are. Ascent Innovation is ready for growth with an expansion to 108 E. Main Street in Rapid City. And the hope is still alive – the hope that businesses, residents, and students alike see the value and real potential our city holds.


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