Our Mission Comes to Life

Ascent Innovation’s mission in Rapid City comes to life with an innovator growth, farewell, and welcoming all in one.

RAPID CITY, S.D. —  On January 15, 2019, Ascent Innovation – Rapid City’s Innovation Center located on the SD Mines campus – not only congratulated B9Creations on their new building outside of the Innovation Center walls and their open house ribbon cutting, but is also welcoming two new companies to Rapid City and the Ascent Innovation Center.
In 2014, Michael Joyce toured the Ascent Innovation Center looking at a space once occupied by Caterpillar – with hopes of growing B9Creations. At the time, the startup company was planting its roots in Rapid City creating advanced technology that is revolutionizing industries utilizing 3D printing. Today, B9Creations operates on a worldwide level and is the largest FedEx exporter in western South Dakota.
“Ascent Innovation has played a critical role in the success of B9Creations as we’ve grown from a startup to a company boasting 30 employees serving customers in 66 countries around the world. Ascent Innovation was a great facility to lease space in. They ensured the space met the needs of our business. We had ready access to other technology companies, GOED, and talent pipelines that enabled our growth. Their team is genuinely interested in helping you succeed as a business, and we can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done,” said Shon Anderson, B9Creations CEO.

Ascent Innovation provides startup companies more than a space to work. With a 5-year incubation period, Ascent seeks to connect businesses to other entrepreneurs, investors, interns, and more. Now, at the end of their 5-year lease, B9Creations’ new space located behind Deadwood Avenue Business Park will provide them with a facility to accommodate their rapid growth.
However, the space at the Ascent Innovation Center did not take long to fill. Sioux Falls software engineering firm – Omnitech – has expanded their network to Rapid City. In addition to an established company’s satellite location, Ascent Innovation is also welcoming startup Nanopareil. Waiting years for a space to open at the Innovation Center, this pharmaceutical-technology company will now be launching their tested work into a commercialized product with opportunity to grow.
Currently, 24 companies occupy Ascent Innovation Center with no more space available.
“Ascent Innovation is an incubation platform of business development, giving companies the opportunity to successfully launch and grow their businesses in Rapid City,” said Ascent Innovation Executive Director Terri Haverly. “It’s sad to see B9 go, but we are excited to witness their continuous success in our community.”
For more information on B9Creations, contact Dani Mason at 605.593.6726. For more information on Ascent Innovation, click here.

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photo courtesy of B9Creations


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