2018 Office Olympics

Sparking interest with engineers, administrators, marketing teams and leaders – the first-ever Office Olympics were held at the Ascent Innovation Center in Rapid City, South Dakota on Friday, February 9, 2018.

The opening ceremonies kicked off with four teams: 7400 Circuits, Applied Research Associates, Inc., B9-Creations, and Raven Industries. Once teams were acknowledge the first event began – a Biatholon Relay.

Teams strapped on skis crafted of foam core and ductape and made their way down the hallway with bow and arrows in hand. At the end of the course, team members aimed their arrows into a bucket, fired, and raced back for the next member to run the track.

After countless laughs and only a handful of broken skis, the 14 competitors geared up for the next event – Coworker Curling.

A box marked with tape on the floor was the target for teams to push a member on a swivel chair into the center. After an intense discussion of guidelines and point deductions, the games were on!

Teams worked together to apply just the right amount of force behind each chair and ARA took away the most points putting them into second place.

Next, competitors participated in Swivel Chair Slalom. Navigating their way through five tightly placed cones, team members raced against the clock for the fastest time. Although 7400 Circuits was in the lead, Raven Industries quickly picked up pace as they took first place in the slalom.

To finalize scores, teams took their position at a table for the last event – Airplane Sprints. In a single minute, each group needed to make as many paper airplanes as possible land into a square in front of them. With only one paper cut across four teams, the event was a success as 7400 Circuits returned to the lead.

Points were tallied and teams awaited anxiously for the results.

  • 4th place: B9-Creations
  • 3rd place: Applied Research Associates, Inc.
  • 2nd place: Raven Industries
  • 1st place: 7400 Circuits

Medals were handed out and teams posed for a final photo. Stay tuned! Next year’s Olympics are already in the works.

“This was fun,” said Savoy – a software engineer with Raven Industries. “The only people you tend to see is the people you work with. So, meeting other tenants for the first time was great.”

“We’re always up for fun games and hanging out,” said Andrew – an engineer with 7400 Circuits. “It’s great for team unity.”

“The beauty of this space is that we have the opportunity to meet each other and interact, and this was a way to draw people out and have some fun,” said the coordinator of the Office Olympics, Erika – Senior Engineer at ARA.



525 University Loop
Rapid City, SD 57701


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