Novum Oil preparing to release innovative additive 

If you call Dr. Craig Bailey a ‘Snake Oil Salesman,’ he won’t take offense.  

Not that Bailey is profiting off a fake cure to heal your ailments, but he’s about to release a groundbreaking oil additive dubbed Snake Oil.

Bailey, CEO of Novum Oil, has been working with his team to produce a oil additive that improves performance using 100% nano venom, or simply nanomaterials. The nanomaterial combination of carbon nanotubes and boron nitride nanosheets “moves thermal energy faster than anything else.” In fact, it’s faster than a rattlesnake chasing a tourist. 

The benefits of the additive are more torque, horsepower and better fuel economy. It reduces friction and gives your engine a longer life expectancy. That’s something those HOG riders are willing to try. 

Last February, Black Hills Harley-Davidson offered to test Bailey’s Snake Oil. They ran 102 dynamometer tests on five previously owned bikes and the numbers were astounding. Every motorcycle increased torque and horsepower by at least 5%. The results were so impressive the employee conducting the tests asked if he could use it in his cycle. 

Oil additives have been around for nearly a century but none with this new technology. “We’re doing stuff no one’s ever done before,” states Bailey. 

Novum Oil is in the process of marketing and getting the Snake Oil on shelves of national retail stores. And it doesn’t stop there. Other products are in the works such as greasers, energy absorbing coatings and more.

The ‘snake oil salesman’ has no qualms with his new title, “I’m either going to be the hero or the goat. I’ll take one for the team. I’m gonna see what the market thinks and [so far] it’s been very positive.”


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