Congratulations Graduates!

An integral part of the business who call Ascent Innovation their home base are the interning students from surrounding Universities and Technical Institutes. Not only do these students get the opportunity for hands on experience, it is located in Rapid City – the hub of the Hills – and close to their education campuses. As these interns finish up their senior year, we would like to say "congratulations!" and wish them the best of luck as they head into the workforce as innovators, leaders, and alumni.

Isaac Rath

Intern at Raven Industries
Degree: Computer Science
at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Isaac Rath started interning for Raven Industries last May and has continued through his last school year at SD Mines. For the majority of his time at Raven, he worked with the Test Team – writing scripts to test field computers.

"This experience is important to me because before my internship, I barely had the faintest idea of how things worked outside of school life. Being able to get a feel for how things work in industry has been quite beneficial," said Rath.

Upon graduation this May of 2019, Isaac will be joining Raven Industries at their HQ in Sioux Falls.

ISAAC'S ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: While the career fair may be uncomfortable and hectic, you need to go and you need to go prepared. This means doing your research beforehand, not on your phone right before it’s your turn to talk! Don’t be afraid to talk to a million different companies! While you’re a student, the worst outcome of it is they say ‘no’. Remember to smile and be personable, it’s just as important to have people skills as it is to have technical skills. After you’ve applied for jobs, you also have to be patient – those two weeks can feel like an eternity, and if a company takes longer, that really feels like an eternity. And don’t be afraid to get in contact if you’re curious! Finally, keep your chin up. If your job search was anything like mine, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes and hear a lot of “we’ve chosen a more qualified candidate”, which gets really disheartening after a while. Keep looking forward and keep trying, things will get better.



Tanner Holthus

Intern at Innovative Systems
Degree: Computer Science
at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Tanner Holthus started interning for Innovative Systems two years ago, being a part of the design process and development of company products – seeing the succession of ideas coming to life in the real world.

"Having an internship in the Black Hills has allowed me to apply skills I learned at school, as well as learn many new skills. This internship has also been a huge help when looking for full time employment after school. I am able to show employers they are hiring someone that actually has hands-on experience and knows what to expect when starting the new job," said Holthus.

Upon graduation this May of 2019, Tanner will be joining Google as a software engineer in Mountain View, California.

ISAAC'S ADVICE FOR STUDENTS: The career fair the school holds every semester is a great place to go meet employers and get to know them. Even as a freshman student, going and just getting to know people helps a ton when getting an internship later on. It also helps to try and get your name out to employers as much as you can. The more effort that is put in trying to get an internship, the more likely it is going to happen.



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