Building Ascent: Chapter 9

June was a busy month at the Ascent Innovation construction site, with several notable firsts. Storm sewers were put in and connected to the city water supply; concrete was poured on the second floor; and power to the building was hooked up. 

"It feels like everything is coming together," said Kenan Miller with Scull Construction. He is very pleased with his team and added that everyone is working together well, coordinating so that each trade doesn't get in the way of the other trades. 

The roofers got started in June and the glass shop began installing window frames. Exterior sheetrock was added to the outside of the metal studs to provide waterproofing. "It won't stay blue forever," Kenan explained. "We're going to go over it with brick and metal panels in places." 

As more subcontractors arrived onsite, activity started to ramp up. Scott Edwards, a project manager for Scull Construction, was excited by this development because it means visible changes to the building are evident much more quickly than in the past. "The project is going well, and we're anxious to continue the momentum," he said. "It takes mountains of effort and labor to be able to put this all together." The subcontractors are tasked with turning the architect's CAD design into reality—no small feat for such an innovative building.

"The Ascent project is very unique, especially for the location we're at in Rapid City," Scott said. "It's a very large, prominent architectural project and really, it's a legacy project, changing the landscape of architecture in Rapid City." 

Scott's work with the Ascent Innovation team has been a very positive experience. He credits the excellent work of the ownership group and architects, as well as Terri Haverly and the other board members, for going out of their way to make the project run smoothly. "Ascent Innovation is doing some amazing things for Rapid City as a business incubator," he said. "I think it really works well to help foster businesses that want to be in Rapid City. I think the physical connection between downtown, Ascent Innovation, and the School of Mines campus is going to be a really cool thing for Rapid City." 

"It's been a fun job so far," he added. "We're looking forward to having a really good summer, getting this building enclosed and turned over to the owner as soon as we can."


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