A New Vision for Rapid City

Different ideas and innovative approaches need support, and that is where Ascent Innovation ignites the growth of start up technology and manufacturing businesses in Rapid City. As a branch of the Rapid City Economic Development Foundation, Ascent Innovation is creating connections between entrepreneurs, like-minded community members, and students alike.

In 2006, The Black Hills Business Development Center was the first building of its kind in western South Dakota – an incubator set to offer a building with a diverse range of small office spaces to advanced manufacturing, guidance and relationships necessary to launch, realize and grow our innovators’ visions. 

Within one short year, there were 34 people occupying one third of the building. Now, over 30 companies have made this building their home, several have graduated, and nearly 400 jobs have been a result of the innovation in our space.

With a unanimous vote from Rapid City City Council, Ascent Innovation (formerly known as the Black Hills Business Development Center) is expanding to a second building that will be located at 108 E. Main Street.

This 4.3 acre lot will soon be transformed into a beautiful, progressive space connecting the happenings of our historic downtown district to the up-and-coming minds at South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

So what does this mean for Rapid City? It will mean new tech-related businesses, more higher paying job opportunities, creating a diverse community, and a new vision– a vision that will extend years into the future and the growth of western South Dakota.

Please watch the video below to hear from community leaders, entrepreneurs and students about the positive impact Ascent Innovation has had – and will continue to have on our community. For more updates, sign up for our eLetter.



525 University Loop
Rapid City, SD 57701


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